License cTRAIN & Builder (you create training titles)

License cTRAIN and Builder to create your own training titles for PC and Mac (no internet required) and web delivery, or to modify/tailor a training title in our store for your organization or site. cTRAIN works on current popular browsers and Mac and Win systems (click for current system and browser availability).

Builder is an intuitive editing program that a content expert can use to create and enter content in cTRAIN titles, or modify them at any time.  Builder creates both the desktop and web versions of a title.  Builder is available for Macintosh 10.4 or above.  It can create titles for PC (Windows) or Macintosh computers/operating systems and web delivery runs on current and recent versions of all popular browsers.

This cost is for the development of the training title (ie, the training content).  A license is required to distribute the training title, based on the estimated number of people who will use your title.  See Distribution of a Title to Clients for the 6 cost categories.

Click here to learn about:
creating your own training titles or modifying an existing title (e.g., a title that is already in the NwETA store).
having NwETA create or modify a title for you

Payment by institutional purchase order (PO), check or direct bank transfer is welcomed.  If paying by direct international bank transfer, add an additional fee of $25; no cost for transfers from US banks.  Checks are welcomed; product delivered after check clears.  Charge for a returned check is $25.  Purchase by credit card is available, below.

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