cTRAIN Account Settings-Web

We can manage many aspects of your account.  For accounts with a title delivered on the web, there are several settings you can select for us to set:


  • AutoAnswer – Select to automatically enter the correct answer for each quiz or test (a check mark appears in the answer selection box); choosing this would eliminate an important educational principle integral to cTRAIN.
  • Default instruction screens – Select “novice” (for those with limited education), “standard” or “mini” instructions in your language
  • Show topic menu – Select to allow trainees to choose the order in which they complete topics; not selecting this option forces trainees to complete topics 1-4 in order (i.e., 1, 2, 3, 4 depending on the number of topics in the title)
  • Include user instructions – Select this unless all trainees have used cTRAIN recently and know how to use the navigation options (e.g., choose answers, show movie or picture, go to more screen, etc.)
  • Don’t show terms of service – Select this only if you have agreed on behalf of your organization to the terms of service (it applies to all trainees)
  • Include topic pretests – Select to present the pre-test(s)
  • Allow topic test-out – Select if you want your trainees to be able to exit and avoid the training if they reach a specified minimum percent correct score on the pre-test(s).
  • Include pre-test scores in score display – Select for the pre-test scores to appear at the end of the training when post-tests scores are displayed
  • Show “print certificate” option – Select to allow trainee to print out a training completion certificate when they complete the final post-test in the training
  • Show “review missed option” – Select to allow trainee to choose to see the questions they missed in the post-tests and what their answer was and the correct answer


  • Use each topic’s built-in score or Set passing score for all topics – Send us the percent correct for passing the post-tests to select the “set” option

Certificate (select what to include on the certificate)

  • Show organization – To select, send the name of the organization to appear on the certificate
  • Show training date on the certificate – Select to show the current date on the computer as the ‘training date’
  • Allow user to edit the date – Select if you want the trainees to be able to reset the training date
  • Show topic names on the certificate – Select to show the actual topic names on the certificate
  • Show topic scores on the certificate – Select for the topic scores to be printed on the certificate
  • Allow user to hide the scores on the certificate – Select if you want the trainees to have the option of not printing their scores
  • Show “Certified By” on the certificate – Select to leave a box for someone to sign the certificate


  • Audio output: Headphones – Select to include instructions to listen to the training on headphones in the user instructions (e.g., in case the trainee is in a room where s/he can be disturbed or disturbing

email support@nweta.com with your selections (include your account or company name); settings will become active within 2 business days from our Manager program.

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