cTRAIN Data Reports

To create a spreadsheet with data from your cTRAIN title, take these steps on your desktop:

Open Data Reports or your cTRAIN software by double clicking the icon >>>>>>>>>>>>>>data-reports-screen-shot
Click to download Data Reports (free) for Mac or Windows; (license required for cTRAIN).

  • For cTRAIN software only:
    • Click System Settings “Login”
    • Enter your ID and Password
    • In the pulldown menu at the top of the screen, select Data Reports from Admin (the format is very similar to that shown below)
  • Data Reports opens as at right >>>>>>>>>>>ctrain-data-reports-window
  • Click:
    • “Add Web folders” for data from web delivery or
    • “Add Local folders” for data collected on your PC or
    • Both “Add” options for web and data on your PC, or select more than one Web-delivered title
  • Enter your Account ID and password (email NwETA from the email address the title is registered under for this information)
  • Make choices for File Selection (Include all data files is an easy choice)
  • Under Output Description, click to select your Output File Location (where you will also name your file)
  • Select the Report Type *  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  • Check “Auto-open file with Excel
    (click “Change App” to select other spreadsheet options)
  • Click Create Report

Your spreadsheet will open.


* Report Type

There are three types of report as shown in the picture to the right: Topic Summary, Topic Detail, Screen Tag Summary.  They are depicted below in pictures taken from a spreadsheet generated by cTRAIN’s Data Reports feature.

The Topic Summary and Topic Detail Reports are the same for the first 33 columns of information (seen in the first three pictures or sets of rows below, ending in “Screens Recorded”).  Both reports contain basic summary information: % correct on pre- and post-test, title duration, and title settings.

Topic Detail Report also contains a record of the responses on every quiz and test question.  The four pictures below list the data for one trainee in a title that contains only one pre-test question, one post-test question, and two quiz questions.

Continuation of the rows above from the Topic Detail Report (same as Topic Summary Report):

Continuation of the rows above from the Topic Detail Report (same as Topic Summary Report):

Continuation of the rows above from the Topic Detail Report.  These rows are unique to the Topic Detail Report.  They will string out as many pre-test, quiz, and post-test  questions you have in your title.  In the picture, the first column has “pretest” in the top row and “1” in the bottom row which indicates the number of questions in the pretest.  The screen numbers (e.g., 1.2.2) are above the answer for the test/quiz on the screen number (e.g., the trainee chose answer 1 on screen 1.2.2, and it was correct as indicated by the “C”). For screen 1.3.9, the trainee chose answer 2 and it was correct (C).

Screen Tag Summary Report
=  data by categories you must have entered when creating your title (eg, you might have divided questions into basic and advanced information or Background, rules, policies).

Subject Data File (SDF) = a second-by-second listing of every response made by the trainee (subject).  You will fine this in your Data Folder incTRAIN.  If you download web data, these SDFs will be created in the Data Folder in your desktop cTRAIN software.  This is what it looks like:

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