Create Titles in cTRAIN (company/developer)

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To develop and sell (license) training titles presented in cTRAIN, you need:
• cTRAIN license (includes Builder )
• Builder (our editing program to create and modify titles)
  – do it yourself – or –
— Ask NwETA to do it for you
• Distribute (deploy) each title per company (+ annual renewal*), shown below.
* annual renewal is 10% of cost of the title

This is the total cost of NwETA licensing fees. Developers may price their titles at any level without incurring further costs from NwETA. Three options to sell cTRAIN content programs you develop:
• mail a CD/DVD with a unique license key (that we manage for you)
• from our web sales pages (the training must meet our quality criteria)
• from a web sales page we set up and host for you, with your url **Web Sales Page Hosting
Contact us to create your page and upload titles for you

What is Builder?
Builder is an intuitive editing program that a content expert can use to create and enter content in cTRAIN titles, or modify them at any time.  Builder creates both the desktop and web versions of a title.  Builder is available for Macintosh 10.4 or above.

How to Manage Titles
Builder allows you to create, edit and prepare your titles for distribution (by you) or on our download server for distribution to your client (and we can create your own private client page to distribute training titles to your clients).  NwETA does take the last step of finalizing the title, typically a 1-day process.

Title Revision (after you have been using it and want to change it)
Once training is in use, changes will be needed to keep it current. See the Title Revision page about the changes you can make by licensing Builder, or NwETA can make for you at a per-screen cost.


Distribution Cost
The Distribution cost is based on the number of estimated trainees, based on the following table.  The number of estimated trainees to take the training in a year is in the lower row and the cost is in the upper row. As an example, if you estimate 50-99 trainees will take the training in the first year, the distribution cost is $1000.  (The maximum distribution cost is $25,000.)


Annual Distribution Renewal Cost
The Annual Distribution Renewal cost is 10% of the Distribution Cost, to a maximum of $350.  For example, if you pay an initial distribution cost of $1000, the Annual Distribution Renewal cost is $100. If the number of people taking the training changes substantially, the Renewal cost increases or decreases accordingly. For example if the number of trainees is only running 9 per year, your Renewal cost is $25 (10% of the cost of 1-9 trainees per year).  You can pre-pay the Renewal for 5 years for a maximum of $1250 (total).

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