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NwETA offers standard training titles for purchase (licensing), gives you the option of developing your own titles, and provides custom training development services for your organization. Our standard training titles have been developed through grant or contract funding. Several titles have been evaluated and the results published in peer reviewed journals (see cTRAIN publications).  License our Online Store for training titles available on the Web. Pricing information and other delivery options.

Summary descriptions of each title are available and more complete descriptions of titles are found in the pull-down menu under cTRAIN titles (more are being added).  To learn why cTRAIN provides superior training based on behavioral principles, look at our cTRAIN eLearning Software page


  • The annual license fee is listed above the estimated number of trainees per year (e.g., for 1-9 trainees, the cost is $250)
  • (S) = available in Spanish
  • Renewal after year 1 = $250-$500, depending on the title


Delivery Options
Training titles can be taken on the internet, and they can also distributed on CD or DVD media. Delivery of media can be expected within 2 weeks after payment is received; download will be available within 1 business day after payment is received for all titles listed in the online store.  One time view titles can be accessed at the time of payment.

For Information or Purchase
Contact sales@nweta.com for a description of the content of any training title and to purchase training by check or purchase order.  Some titles are also available in our Online Store for one time view and for companies to license for their staff.  Titles available for annual licensing are listed below.

There are 5 cost options for each title listed in the online store.  Your cost to license a title is based on:
(a) title length or duration. Most titles run 45-75 minutes to the average, high-school educated trainee, but some run for several hours to several days).
(b) the number of projected trainees in your organization.
Each title in the store offers 6 options, from one-time use to 100 or more.
There is also the option for unlimited distribution to multiple organizations (e.g., trade association); email NwETA to determine pricing.

Explanation: If you want to take the training one time, get your certificate and be done with it, choose the one time view license (available only for internet delivery).  If you plan for 2-9 employees to take the training, then choose the option of 2-9 trainees.  If you plan for more than 500 trainees to take the training, then choose the more than 500 option.  If you want to make your training title available to an unlimited number of trainees, select that option.  Each is licenses for one year. Renewal in a second or ongoing years is considerably less expensive, as seen in the store.

Licensing Options (eg, Government, Community Colleges, Trade Associations)

  • License agreements for tuition share (setup fee, minimums apply)
  • License agreements for distribution (setup fee, minimums apply)
  • License fee may be reduced for development of new titles

Title revision – If you purchase a license for a training title,
NwETA can change content or pictures for you for $25/screen, or
you can license our cTRAIN Builder editor (Mac only) and do it yourself (see online shop).

Our license includes your agreement that NwETA can receive the current count of the cTRAIN “usage counter” embedded in every content program (no other information will be transmitted) when your computer is connected to the internet.

Help: $90 per hour (or part of an hour): help@nweta.com.

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