Troubleshooting FAQs

If cTRAIN is not operating correctly on your computer, this evolving list of answers may help you identify and solve the problem.

Sometimes cTRAIN hesitates and it has even crashed. What can cause this?
Some anti-virus applications, specifically Symantec (Norton) Anti-Virus Corporate Edition, may cause cTRAIN to operate erratically and sometimes even crash. (We have not seen the same problem with Symantec Anti-Virus Personal Edition.) Our recommendation is to remove Symantec Anti-Virus software from your computer and install a different product, such as the excellent AVG Anti-Virus software.
Sometimes cTRAIN seems sluggish – it runs slower than usual. What can cause this?
This can be caused by having other applications opened while you are using cTRAIN. Some are easier to detect than others. Word processors and spreadsheet apps run only when you start them up; others, like screen savers and instant messaging clients, may start automatically when you start up your computer and run in the background until your shut your computer down. Our recommendation is that you disable screen savers, instant messaging clients and other similar background applications on computers that run cTRAIN.

If you have experienced an issue with cTRAIN that isn’t discussed here, please contact us! We want your cTRAIN experience to be the best it can be.

If needed, contact cTRAIN support at:

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