cTRAIN Structure

This page is designed to provide the details of cTRAIN’s structure and a FAQ list:

What is the basic structure of a cTRAIN topic?
Optional Pre-test
Infosets (there is a virtually unlimited number)

What is an infoset?
A sequence of one or more “information” screens that ends with a QUIZ screen.

Can an infoset have only 1 screen?
Yes, but it must be a quiz screen.

Can the Pre-test and Post-test be different numbers of screens than each other and than the number of quiz screens?

Can the Pre-test and Post-test contain screens that are not included in the trainee feedback at the end of each topic?
Yes.  You can include survey questions, for example, and at the end you could include a reaction (rate the training) question that doesn’t get included in the feedback screens.

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