cTRAIN Title Creation by NwETA


NwETA can develop training for your organization. The process is described in “Title Creation by NwETA.” The cost for NwETA to create a title is the sum of the Creation and Distribution costs, listed below, plus Renewal cost due annually.


Cost for NwETA to Create or Develop the Title
The cost of developing a new training program can be estimated from the table below. A typical 45-minute (average) training program consists of 75-100 screens. The amount of content on a cTRAIN screen is approximately equal to that on a Powerpoint screen. Use the table below to estimate the cost of a training program. (Minimum cost = 50 screens.)cost-table1.jpg

shootin.jpgTravel costs are additional for distances more than 100 miles from the home base of the lead training consultant for your project.

Distribution Cost
Once the title is developed, there is also an annual distribution cost based on the number of estimated trainees.   This is detailed in the following table.  The number of estimated trainees to take the training in a year is in the lower row and the cost is in the upper row. As an example, if you estimate 50-99 trainees will take the training in the first year, the distribution cost is $1000.  (The maximum distribution cost is $25,000.)


Annual Distribution Renewal Cost
The Annual Distribution Renewal cost is 20% of the Distribution Cost (above), with a minimum of $250.  For example, if you pay an initial distribution cost of $7500, the Annual Distribution Renewal cost is $1500. If the number of people taking the training changes substantially, the Renewal cost increases or decreases accordingly. For example if the number of trainees is only running 9 per year, your Renewal cost is $250 (the minimum per year).

Simplify it for me
A small company with 9 employees who will repeat the training annually, will pay:

  • $15,125 for NwETA to create a typical training title
  • $     250 distribution cost
    Total = $15,375
  • $1708 per person in year 1
    And to continue using the title in year 2 and beyond:
  • $250 per year ($27.77 per person per year)

A trade association that estimates that 500 of its member companies will use the training to train an average of 15 employees (i.e., 7500 people will take the training each year) will pay:

  • $15,125 for NwETA to create a typical training title
  • $25,000 as the maximum distribution cost
    Total = $40,125
  • $5.35 per trainee in year 1
    and in year 2 and beyond:
  • $2500 per year($3.33 per person per year)

Ancillary NwETA Services


Add a New Language to cTRAIN

If you need training in a language that is not currently supported by cTRAIN, NwETA can add a language for $10,000 (user instructions and on-screen navigation bar). In addition, the training content must be translated at a cost of $.30-$.50 per word, although you can translate the content if you have a translator to do the work.

Onsite Training Delivery (NwETA staffs the training for your organization)

  • $200 per seat (computer + 9BUTTON) per day (minimum $2000 per day)
  • If more than 100 miles from Portland, OR, add travel expenses + $250/NwETA staff member

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