Pesticide Applicator Training – 2 (Math)

PA-2 (Math)Pesticide Applicator Training teaches the principles and practice of pesticide application for Oregon. It is based on the requirements for a pesticide applicator to certify on the Oregon state test, ending with a practice test to prepare for the certification exam.  PA-2 (Math) is the second of 4 titles in this series.

There are 2 Topics:

  • Basic Applicator Math
    •  How to use a basic calculator to add, subtract, multiply and divide
    • How to round numbers
    • How to convert a fraction into a decimal
    • How to convert a decimal into a fractionTractor&blast applicator
    • How to convert mixed numbers to fractions
  • Calibration and Application Calculations
    • Why it is important to calibrate (set the correct spray rate for) application equipment
    • How to calibrate different types of sprayers

Other topics to follow soon (available in English and Spanish).

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